Trusted advisors to senior leaders

We identify and deliver the critical few interventions that will spark lasting change.

Enabled a first-time CEO of a FTSE 250 to turn around the company’s fortunes within his first year

After 6 months of leadership coaching, our COO client beat out the preferred candidate to be appointed as CEO of a FTSE 20 energy company

Boosted a COO’s transition into a FTSE 250 engineering company, he was then unanimously approved as CEO by the Board 6 months after his initial entry

Using selected Harvard Business School simulations and cases, galvanised a disparate band of Directors into a high performing leadership team through a short burst of tailored development interventions

Enabled the Executive Board to plan and lead a full-scale visioning and listening exercise which engaged and motivated their community of hundreds of thousands, both inside and outside this premier global organisation

Identified the 6 critical skills for success at the top of a global investment bank and developed those skills in hundreds of high potential leaders in EMEA and North America. The bank’s most senior investment bankers spearheaded this pioneering leadership development and culture change initiative

Designed and delivered a multi-strand development intervention for the senior leaders of major global pharma company's Research & Development division. The integrated strands reshaped their business strategy, a core division, an essential process & the organisation’s culture

Designed and delivered a bespoke 6-year pioneering program across 150 civil service departments to improve leadership diversity at the top of the UK government. Working with circa 1,000 leaders, we doubled the number of diverse Senior Civil Servants in half the projected timescale, and changed the culture to be more inclusive and welcoming

Led an international team of experts to design and deliver an energising & fun leadership program on Business Partnering to the top 150 global HR leaders within a top global FMCG company. Their executives were ‘delighted’ by the ensuing program. Working with Spark Leadership's team super-charged the ability of their HR Directors to offer high impact strategic advice to their commercial leaders

Women’s empowerment is on everyone’s lips, these days. Elizabeth Coffey co-authored a pioneering research-based book, the first in history to chronicle women’s experience of leadership, 'The Changing Culture of Leadership: Women Leaders Voices'. Since then, Elizabeth’s award-winning development programs for women Leaders have led to the effective development of tens of thousands of women leaders internationally, across industries and cultures