Elizabeth Klyne

Elizabeth Klyne provides transformational executive leadership coaching and career development programmes. She is the originator of the ‘Unique Contribution’ approach to career development and succession planning through her work with senior executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. As a coach and group facilitator, she supports leaders in developing strategic influencing skills and in accessing authentic leadership, presence and gravitas in the boardroom. She often works ‘below the surface’ to help people resolve deep-seated behavioural patterns and unlock new possibilities for leadership, career, relationships and personal development.

Elizabeth is familiar with a wide variety of environments, including retail, banking, advertising, legal, publishing, education and management consultancy, and has been working in the field of coaching, training and development for 25 years. Her clients vary from graduates to board members and chief executives of the FTSE 100 companies, including ICI, Prudential, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson and HSBC.

There comes a time in the career of every leader when tried and tested strategies for success – those we relied on to get us to where we are today – no longer hold the power to deliver what we need in the next phase of our professional life.

Maybe it’s a new strategic direction for our organisation or our career; or an elevated level of self-belief to power the next leap forward; a new skill or competency in dealing with board-level leadership dynamics; or a new way of engaging with and bringing out the best in colleagues, direct reports, customers or suppliers.

At these pivotal moments, we may need to access new parts of ourselves, to broaden our perception of who we are and what we might become. Sometimes, those challenges look difficult because they require us to engage parts of ourselves that we have disowned.

Elizabeth helps leaders to access – through transformational coaching – skills and competencies they have hitherto disowned, ignored or simply believe they don’t possess. The rewards for reclaiming them include power, presence, vision, strategic thinking, wisdom, authenticity, gravitas, focus, insight and compassion: in essence, the qualities required for leadership in the twenty-first century.