Kirsty Leishman

Kirsty Leishman is a highly experienced executive coach, consultant and facilitator. Many of her clients are operational and executive leaders, largely in oil and gas majors. She advised and co-led an international development programme for high-potential leaders run throughout down-stream and up-stream businesses. Kirsty also coached leaders and teams leading major, international oil and gas projects from early development through to their commissioning in the UK and Middle-East.

Kirsty is a deeply insightful and empathic coach with an ability to supportively challenge the way a leader sees him-or-herself. She invites them to develop a range of new strategies that in turn deepen self-awareness and authenticity, thereby generating stronger coalition amongst and confidence in relation to, others. She invites people to develop a more rounded, systemic view of challenges and issues that require integrated and collective, strategic thinking and actions.

Kirsty draws from a range of training in psychological, organisational and consultative disciplines. She originally qualified with the School of Coaching in London, before joining the School’s faculty where she co-designed and lead public and in-house programmes for banking, media, consulting and financial services companies.

In 1999 Kirsty was invited to join the Change Partnership Ltd to develop the company’s presence in Scotland, from where she developed a portfolio of clients from legal, retail, financial and manufacturing sectors. She established her own business in 2001, building a team of coaches with whom she worked in Government, NHS and private sector organisations across the UK and overseas.

Kirsty is a qualified coaching supervisor with Bath Consultancy Group, in which capacity she supervises organisational and independent coaches. She is also a licenced practitioner of the Global Leadership Profile with Action Inquiry Associates and is currently training to become an accredited Political Savvy Trainer.