Pippa Prideaux

Pippa Prideaux has been coaching Board level leaders purely on communications issues for over 15 years, offering bespoke advice to a wide range of senior clients from such organisations as Shell, Hess, BBC, UBS, Nomura Bank, Barclays, The Post Office and numerous others. All clients have come through referrals; Pippa has a reputation for ‘ working magic’.  During this time, she worked for Voicepower International producing and writing new training material and was engaged in research with Dr Frances McCurtain on the physiological effects of stress on speakers.

Previously, Pippa Prideaux was an Account Director for Park Avenue Productions, specialising in training and working with speakers including those working in a second language and an Internal Communications expert within Donovan Cobb Communication Consultancy, advising such companies as Coca-Cola, Cadbury Schweppes and Europcar International.

For over 20 years, Pippa has been a professional speech writer for CEOs; she honed her skills early on when working to the Director of Intercity (British Rail).  The early stages of Pippa’s career were in teaching.  For ten years, she taught English as a Second Language working for the London Borough of Camden English Language Project (a project to help immigrants and migrant workers to gain both skill in speaking English and literacy), British Refugee Council (running English Language courses), Groupe Chez Gerard (training members of the catering profession), Ninjin Ltd. (a specialised in-service training programme for newly arrived Japanese restaurant workers needing to communicate with the public).

Through the seventies, Pippa worked as a Freelance Teacher of Speech and Drama working in adult education, private students and children. Her professional qualifications include:  L.G.S.M. (Licentiate of Guildhall School of Music and Drama), A.N.E.A. (Associate of New Era Academy of Speech and Drama), RSA Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language, and University of London Extra Mural Diploma in English.