Leadership Learning Journey 2019 Scaling Impact

Looking for leadership insights? Curious about India’s ethical ventures? Preview our remarkable 2019 journey to Mumbai & Ahemedabad to learn from India’s most inspiring social entrepreneurs.

Indian companies scale positive impact in extraordinary ways! Our Leadership Learning Journey explored 9 inspirational ventures there.
Celebrate them by watching this short fun film.

What can you take away from this week long adventure?

Whether through social or commercial enterprises, Indian leaders excel at creating well being in their communities. Our journey has been structured to learn from their world- class insights & excellent practices.

  • IMMERSE YOURSELF in India’s vibrant cultural heritage ◦ LEARN DIRECTLY from high impact social leaders
  • GET INSPIRED by Gandhi’s philosophy at his ashram
  • CHALLENGE your assumptions about creating change ◦ CONNECT with unlikely new friends
  • BOOST your impact, planning with a CEO Coach

Inspiring 3 minute film showing immersive learning journey for leaders, visiting India’s social enterprises through guidance of Spark Leadership. Week-long trip to Rajasthan, focused on frugal innovation & scaling businesses.

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