CEO and senior leader coaching

Telling your team that you expect results is not enough. Spark Leadership helps CEOs and senior leaders develop behaviours that will inspire great performance with CEO coaching.

Our work is rooted in deep experience of large-scale organisational change and talent development for large global organisations, allowing us to help you identify the points of greatest leverage for advancing your strategic agenda.

We build long-term relationships with clients based on key strategic goals and development areas. We focus on individual leadership development that impacts business situations directly.

CEO successor development

Leadership transitions are risky moments in the life of an organisation. Having a viable CEO succession plan in place is an important part of responsible stewardship.

Working in partnership with your Chairman and incumbent CEO, we help to ensure a smooth transition in leadership to someone who fits the leadership needs of your organisation. Well-managed, such a change in leadership can re-energise staff company-wide and spark a surge in overall business performance.

Executive board development

Executive Boards play a crucial role in exercising oversight and responsible stewardship over large organisations. Legislators and regulators are increasing their demands on both Executive and Non-Executive Boards. Through our Executive Board development we maximise the Board’s effectiveness, which is determined by alignment among diverse personalities, the quality of dialogue between its members and the dynamics within the group.

Spark Leadership advisors are well-versed in the particularities of Board-level work and understand the interaction between individual performance and group dynamics. We work with executive Boards on their composition, goals, operating rules and culture, and on partnering effectively with the CEO to create high performing teams with Executive Board development and board training.

Group leadership development

Spark Leadership Development delivers high touch learning to close gaps between business strategy and existing leadership abilities.

We focus on learning in the areas that matter most to senior leaders, co-creating programs to align senior talent with business strategies.

For example, we offer development in Political Savvy (Strategic Influencing in an Ethical Way), a proprietary workshop that equips individuals to steer a course around organisational barriers and engage actively in an ethical and systematic way to advance an agenda.

We also create bespoke programmes for the C-Suite and senior leaders in areas including leading through crises; presence and gravitas; leadership coaching; mentoring; working creatively with inspiration from artists, musicians and designers; and leading innovation.

Leadership diversity consulting

Effective organisations are able to draw on the diverse contributions of all of its staff. Spark Leadership’s diversity consulting has developed a portfolio of FTSE 250 companies in which we have delivered numerous award-winning diversity projects on gender, ethnicity and national culture.

We help senior leaders and HR Directors advance their diversity agendas through speaking engagements, diversity workshops, selecting appropriate diversity assessment tools, designing and delivering diversity programmes, and aligning diversity objectives with business and talent strategies.

Our Founder, Elizabeth Coffey, is an internationally recognised author, consultant and speaker who has received the 2007 Mentor of the Year (Women of the Future Awards) and 2001 European Woman of Achievement of Award (for work on diversity). She is a co-author of The End of Tolerance, which outlined a practical approach to business diversity issues, and co-author of The Changing Culture of Leadership – Women Leaders’ Voices (1999) – a research-based book about women leaders across 20 industries in the UK.

Leadership learning journeys

Senior leaders face overwhelming daily demands just to reliably execute ongoing operations and serve their many constituencies. Making time to step back and think through longer-term developments is becoming harder and harder, yet crucial to longer-term performance. Keeping a finger on the pulse of unfamiliar markets is critical to anticipating competitive challenges, while employees, especially Millennials, increasingly expect their work to offer them a sense of purpose and opportunities to make a difference.

For small groups of select clients, Spark Leadership curates bespoke learning journeys to India.

The intensive, one-week programmes centre on site visits with founders and CEOs of successful social entrepreneurship projects in rural areas. These are complimented by meetings with related Indian companies, learning content linking participants’ agendas to the trip, and executive leadership coaching throughout.

Visioning, strategy and large scale change

Chief Executives face great demands on their time and attention. It is challenging to find the time to consider the bigger picture and make concrete plans for advancing a strategic agenda or large scale change.

Spark Leadership’s Associates bring decades of experience in organisational development to our consulting on leading large scale change.

We help Executives to clarify their long-term vision for the organisation, advising on realistic change strategies, and laying out the sequence of concrete steps needed to spark accelerated progress.