Group Leadership Development

Spark Leadership Development delivers high touch learning to close gaps between business strategy and existing leadership abilities.

We focus on learning in the areas that matter most to senior leaders, co-creating programs to align senior talent with business strategies.

For example, we offer development in Political Savvy (Strategic Influencing in an Ethical Way), a proprietary workshop that equips individuals to steer a course around organisational barriers and engage actively in an ethical and systematic way to advance an agenda.

We also create bespoke programmes for the C-Suite and senior leaders in areas including leading through crises; presence and gravitas; leadership coaching; mentoring; working creatively with inspiration from artists, musicians and designers; and leading innovation.

“I enjoyed working with Elizabeth and think the research diagnostics and 6 month leadership development programmes she crafted were illuminating and made a real difference to the division in EMEA and North America.”


“Working with Spark Leadership really opens your eyes to the possibilities you never even considered to ensure an efficient and enjoyable working environment. The smart and professional consulting is extremely insightful and really inspires you to challenge your full potential. Whether on a one-to-one basis or as part of a team, Spark Leadership will help you focus on clear objectives and prepare you for the journey ahead, no matter how challenging it might appear.”