Leadership Diversity Consulting

Effective organisations are able to draw on the diverse contributions of all of its staff. Spark Leadership’s diversity consulting has developed a portfolio of FTSE 250 companies in which we have delivered numerous award-winning diversity projects on gender, ethnicity and national culture.

We help senior leaders and HR Directors advance their diversity agendas through speaking engagements, diversity workshops, selecting appropriate diversity assessment tools, designing and delivering diversity programmes, and aligning diversity objectives with business and talent strategies.

Our Founder, Elizabeth Coffey, is an internationally recognised author, consultant and speaker who has received the 2007 Mentor of the Year (Women of the Future Awards) and 2001 European Woman of Achievement of Award (for work on diversity). She is a co-author of The End of Tolerance, which outlined a practical approach to business diversity issues, and co-author of The Changing Culture of Leadership – Women Leaders’ Voices (1999) – a research-based book about women leaders across 20 industries in the UK.

“These past few years, I have been working alongside Elizabeth on a ground breaking Investment Banking initiative, which has focused on the tailored development of High Potential women. Elizabeth has been the brains behind this large-scale gender retention and progression programme, which began by diagnosing in-depth the skills required for individuals to reach the heights of senior leadership and finished by developing those skills into fast track male and female managers. This programme was so successful that the sponsors referred Elizabeth into 6 additional streams of work within the bank, 4 of which were developing another 125 High Potential women and men across 2 geographies (EMEA and North America).”


“It was so wonderful to have you come and address 100 women in hedge Funds, which you did so ably and to the great benefit of us all.”